Our Management


He is a graduate of Erciyes University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration. After the experiences of various sectors in the 1988-1992 range, he joined to Eksaş Industrial Metal Coating Co. Company as a partner in 1992. When he left the partnership in 2000 and joined Etis End. Metal Coating Plants Ltd. Has established. He is still the chairman of the board of directors of our two companies.

E-mail: ibrahimdogangun@etis.com.tr

Levent OYMAN

Mr.Oyman started his professional career as a "Sales and Technical Support Engineer Yıldız at Gal-Kim Surface Treatment Company" in 2001 after graduating from Chemical Engineering Department of Yıldız Technical University. In April 2003, he moved to Ejot Tezmak Fastener Technology Industry and Trade Inc. He worked as ”Coating Department Chief" in 2003-2004 and "Head of Coating and Heat Treatment Department" in 2004-2018.

E-mail: levent.oyman@etis.com.tr


He is a graduate of Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Chemical Engineering. He served in NSK Armature for 11 years. He joined the Etis - Bodoplast group in June 2017 and works as the technical process manager.

E-mail: alper.eryazici@etis.com.tr


He graduated from METU, Chemical Engineering in 1998. He has been in charge of production for 5 years for the coating plant of "Eczacıbaşı Artema" and has been the Production Manager of "B Plas" company. He has been in POP sector for more than 10 years. He joined the Etis - Bodoplast group in June 2018 and is the Plant Manager of the Bodoplast company.

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