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Ni-Cu-Cr Plants

They are working to produce decorative solutions for automotive, armature and white goods sectors. Corrosion-resistant decorative products are produced by metallizing the plastic materials of suitable quality with Cu, Ni (Satin or Gloss Ni), Cr + 3 or Cr + 6.

Phosphating Plants

Phosphating is the most commonly used pre-treatment. Phosphate is a sheet form formed by iron, zinc and manganese crystals on the surface to be painted. It can be applied as iron phosphate, zinc phosphate and manganese phosphate in three ways. In general, the protective oils can be used prior to application as undercoat. Iron, steel and in some cases aluminum and zinc surfaces can be used in the coating. Dipping and spray use is common.

Anodic Oxidation Plants

International terminology is called Anodic Oxidation or Anodization. Anodizing is a very special process for aluminum. The electrolyte used is usually an acidic solution. Corrosion resistance is very high. Most aluminum products we encounter in daily use can be seen.

Zinc Plating Plants

In many different industries, preferred process to increase the corrosion resistance for metarials . There are many sub-breaks within itself.

Hard Chromium Plants

It is a type of coating that provides protection against corrosion and mechanical damage of the machine components produced for many industries.

KTL Plants

It is a process of painting steel, zinc, brass, aluminum or other conductive materials with current.

Other Services

ETIS; In addition, Dip-Spin applications, Automation, plant accessories, plant revision, facility maintenance and facility transportation in situations such as offers a partnership.


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